Our key solution

OBIGO Automotive

The Obigo Automotive Solution is a turnkey solution
for the connected car that offers:

‘Ready to go’ applications for the head unit for many in-demand features in the car – music, weather, POI search, sports, news, radio, HVAC control and others The App framework logic, which makes customization of the operation and the look and feel an easy task.

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End to End Turnkey App service Solution

A fully featured SDK to allow Obigo, the OEM, Tier 1,

or other 3rd party to develop new apps.

Support various OS and Head Units Architectures,

and provides global content

Our best system

OBIGO Cloud App Center

Enables apps to run in automotive domain as optimized fast performance, highly secured and offered extensible services API for OEM and Tier1

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A cloud based App Management Server which allows

app updates and the addition of new apps at any time.

Established relationships with leading content

providers, which can be expanded as needed to meet

new content needs.

Usage tracking metrics and proven issue tracking

and resolution disciplines.

What we do


OBIGO has been the world’s leading provider of rich internet services and software products in the mobile software industry. Experienced in working with numerous global custommers. 900+ million mobile devices deployed to 140 countries in the market using Obigo technology.

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The 1st
Wap Browser
+900 million mobile devices deployed to more than
140 countries in the market using Obigo technology

The 1st
Broadcasting Browser
NTT Docomo launched Terrestrial broadcasting service
using Obigo Web browser for its Android smartphone

The 1st
Car HMI Browser
BMW launched DA HMI using Obigo browser as
HMI rendering engine for 5-Series, X5, Mini,
and other models

The 1st
Web App Center
Cloud based HTML5 app store for automotive
for easy management of head-unit apps