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About Us

Since 1997, OBIGO has been the world’s leading provider of rich internet services and software products in the
mobile software industry. Today, OBIGO has evolved into a Web Service company.

OBIGO, HTML5 App framework solution company with business areas of Automotive, IPTV, Mobile SW & Cloud
App services, has been the world’s leading provider of rich Internet service and software solutions in the
embedded industry.

Leading global trends in the embedded industry, OBIGO provides innovative, rich and proven time-to-market
solutions. The range of solutions includes HTML5 browser, App Framework and Web applications for various
devices and platforms such as Automotive, Smart phones, Smart TV and other consumer electronics.

The 1st
Wap Browser
+900 million mobile devices deployed to more than
140 countries in the market using Obigo technology

The 1st
Broadcasting Browser
NTT Docomo launched Terrestrial broadcasting service
using Obigo Web browser for its Android smartphone

The 1st
Car HMI Browser
BMW launched DA HMI using Obigo browser as
HMI rendering engine for 5-Series, X5, Mini,
and other models

The 1st
Web App Center
Cloud based HTML5 app store for automotive
for easy management of head-unit apps

Standard Activity

Obigo contributed FM Radio API
and Navigation API
Obigo contributes HTML5 spec and Device API.
GENIVI appreciated Obigo contribution with the prize



  • Co-developing Automotive Browser with Global Top Automotive OS vendor
  • Commercialized Cloud App Center for India market
  • Developed Telematics Framework for Global Automotive Tier1
  • Developed HTML5 HMI for Airplane Cabin Control service
  • Developed Smartphone connectivity extension for Global Automotive Top OEM
  • Commercialized Telematics service for Smart Watch
  • Commercialized Telematics service for China market


  • Global Content sourcing and operation for Automotive
  • Commercialized Automotive APP FRAMEWORK for Korean market
  • Developed Radio SDK for IP based service for Automotive OEM
  • Developed End to End Turnkey App service Solution for Automotive OEM


  • Commercialized Automotive download App for China & North America market
  • Developed HTML5 based VR App for Global Automotive Top OEM
  • Commercialized Telematics service for North America

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  • Developed HTML5 based HMI for Global Automotive Top OEM
  • Developed Automotive connectivity for Global Automotive Top OEM
  • Developed Automotive SDK for Global Automotive Top OEM
  • Developed Automotive download App for Global Automotive Top OEM
  • Commercialized Telematics service for Global Automotive Top OEM
  • Developed IPTV middleware for Local Cable TV carrier
  • Participated GENIVI showcase and Smart TV Alliance in the CES 2013


  • Commercialized World 1st IVI HTML5 browser
  • Commercialized HTML5 Mobile Browser for NTT DOCOMO’s broadcast service
  • Joined Smart TV Alliance member
  • Announced TV Web Apps at 2012 IFA Show for smart TV Alliance
  • Awarded a great company to work by INNOBIZ.
  • Awarded Most valuable contributions from GENIVI Alliance 2012
  • Collaborating with major Automotive vendors (SoC & Toolkit)


  • Joined GENIVI alliance as member of networking expert group
  • Awarded the Presidential Award of business IT organizations section at 2011 Korea IT innovation Award
  • Developed the automotive browser and participated CES2011 with Hyundai Motor Company booth
  • Commercialized automotive web browsers for major auto makers.
  • Developed TV browser for major OEMs
  • Developed the file cast browser for Japanese market
  • Content sourcing and operation for TV
  • Developed HTML5 based Web Apps
  • Provided Web Apps to the major STB makers
  • Awarded the grand prize of pictures and image section at Smart App Award 2011 Korea.
  • Provided 250 web apps to K-APPS store


  • Developing WAC 2.0 Widget Runtime & SDK as tier 1 vendor
  • Joined The Wholesale Applications Community(WAC) as Associate member
  • Developed Car Browser & Email system
  • Passed JIL 1.2.2 Certification
  • Developed Web applications to Korean App. Store
  • Developed WAC1.0 Widget Runtime & SDK


  • Developed Mobile Widgets SDK for major OEM
  • Signed to develop Full Browser toward TD-SCDMA
  • Signed to develop EMAIL client to Global carriers
  • Signed to develop Full HTML Browser to Japanese carrier
  • Established branch in Taiwan and Rep. office in China
  • Developed QCOM BREW/MP pre-integrated Browser & MMS
  • Changed company name to Obigo and moved office


  • Commercialized Mobile Widgets toward European carriers
  • Established Obigo LIMITED in HONGKONG
  • Commercialized Full HTML Browser handset toward Global carriers
  • Signed to develop “Carrier package on Smartphone” for Korean carrier
  • Signed to develop “Webkit Browser” for Korean carrier
  • Developed Full HTML Browser
  • Developed Mobile Widgets Eco-system
  • OBIGO Divestment History
  • Completed divestment transaction
  • Teleca AB signed contract with MBO team
  • MBO team comprising of Korea management won Obigo business unit bid
  • Teleca AB opened the bids to sell Obigo business unit


  • Commercialized Full HTML Browser handset toward European carriers
  • Commercialized Full HTML Browser handset toward N.A. carriers
  • Transferred Obigo product R&D / M&S to Korea and assigned as CTC (Customer Technology Center) for global support & development
  • Developed Web 2.0 AJAX
  • Developed Touch Screen Mobile Widget


  • Commercialized Obigo Browser toward Global carriers
  • Signed to develop Pre-integrated Browser toward Global carriers
  • Browser Interoperability certified by N.A. carrier


  • Developed browser toward N.A. carriers
  • Developed Symbian smartphone toward European UMTS carriers
  • Implemented 3G Test Lab for Korean OEM
  • Developed browser toward European carriers
  • Developed MMS client on Windows Mobile toward N.A. carrier
  • Launched Q05A with Internet browsing and Thumbnail™.
  • Expanded The Mobile Suite with SVG and Media Player


  • Certified as Nokia Series60 Competence Center
  • Certified as Symbian Competence Center
  • The first Series60 & Symbian Competence Center in Asia
  • Launched multimedia applications (The Mobile Suite is expanded with Content Manager, Imager, DRM, IMPS, Studio)


  • Established Legal entity in Korea
  • Commercialized NGB browser for Korean carrier
  • Launched the new brand Obigo comprising two branches: Obigo C-line (MS 1.0) and Obigo Q-line (MS 2.0)


  • Established liaison office in Korea
  • Commercialized Korean OEM’s browser toward N.A. Market
  • Contracted with Korean Carrier for Next Generation Browser (NGB)
  • Launched AU Mobile Suite 1.0. Teleca merged with AU-System
  • Launched third-generation architecture, the Mobile Suite 2.0


  • Contracted with Korean major OEM for AU browser license
  • The Mobile Internet Client made its grand debut as the world’s first multi-content and dual stack WAP 2.0 browser


  • Contracted with Korean & Global OEMs for AU browser license
  • AU-System launched the world’s first WAP 1.2.1 browser


  • Started sales of AU browser as a reseller of AU System in Korea
  • Korean Carrier signed AU browser license
  • Developed the world’s first WAP 1.1 browser by AU-System


  • Started sales of AU browser as a reseller of AU System in Korea
  • Korean Carrier signed AU browser license
  • Released The first WAP suite of specifications


  • Ericsson approached Nokia and Unwired Planet to form an open standard This was made official as the WAP initiative
  • AU-System started developing the first WAP product


  • AU-System developed the ITTP protocol for data value added services in GSM handsets

Press & Exhibition


전자증권 전환 대상 주권 권리자(주주) 보호 및 조치사항 안내

주식명의개서정지 공고 ( 제 18기 정기주주총회 )

  주식명의개서정지 공고   상법 제354조 및 당사 정관 제18조의 규정에 의거, 아래와 같이 주식의 명의개서, 질권의 등록 또는 말소와 신탁재산의 표시 또는 말소 등 주주명부의 기재사항 변경을 정지하오니 양지하여 주시기 바랍니다.   목적 – 제18기 정기주주총회 의결권 행사 및 배당수령 주주 확정   기준일…

2019 재무정보

2018 재무정보

주식회사 오비고 제3자배정 유상증자 신주발행 공고

2017 재무정보

Mahindra & Mahindra India Launches Foreca Weather App Developed by OBIGO

Foreca Ltd – the leading digital weather service provider for automotive industry – is fostering its foothold in the Indian market in cooperation with OBIGO Inc, a leading Web Service company based in Korea. The new Foreca weather app in Mahindra XUV500 2017 infotainment system….

2016 재무정보

전 세계 프리미엄 차량에 한국 브라우저 채택 쾌거.. 오비고 QNX에 차량용 브라우저 공급

국내 중소기업이 자동차용 운용체계(OS) 세계 1위인 블랙베리QNX소프트웨어(SW)에 차랑용 브라우저를 공급한다. 브라우저는 웹 기반으로 차량에 다양한 서비스를 구현하기 위해 가장 중요하다. 앞으로 QNX를 적용한 세계 프리미엄 차량의 각종 커넥티드 서비스가 한국 기술을 기반으로 구동될 전망이다. 오비고(대표 황도연)는 자동차 인포테인먼트 시스템을 위한 HTML5 기반의 브라우저 엔진 `블링크(Blink)`를…

BlackBerry QNX Partners with Obigo to Build a Better Browser for Your Car

Software plays a big role in current vehicles. The best example is your in-vehicle infotainment system. With just a few taps, you can play music from your mobile device, view and manage advanced navigation systems, make phone calls, tap into traffic reports and weather forecasts,…

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2019 GENIVI Showcase In CES

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2019 International CES

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GENIVI All Member Meeting, Munich, Germany April 17-19, 2018 Hilton Munich Park Hotel (AM TUCHERPARK 7, 80538, Munich, Germany)

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Las Vegas, USA / Jan 5 – 8, 2017
Event information : OBIGO Meeting Room (Booth LVCC, South Hall 2 – MP25277)


Gateway to New Experiences

  • Who are motivated with the drive to meet their own goals and achieve results while taking accountability
    for their actions. We call this “Strong Will”
  • Who are expert with their keen technical skill and to sharpen their professional curiosity
  • Who are respected by their excellent colleague and to encourage them with their concern while working together.


Obigo Way

Obigo has a collaborative culture where people enjoy what they do and have fun doing it.
We respect each other and honor our differences. A variety of people share diverse ideas and
experiences, yet every voice is heard. Communications are open and informal and management is
very approachable. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a friendly group of people who are ready
to jump in and lend a hand.


Exciting things are happening all the time. Work with us!
Send your resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae) to recruit@obigo.com

Application Framework Engineer

Bucharest / C, C++ / +5 years software development / Pangyo, Korea

Telematics Software Engineer

Bucharest / C, C++ / Telematics Unit Software development / Pangyo, Korea

Technical Project Manager or Business development

Bachelor’s degree / SW development & Project management experience / English + Korean / Greater LA or Irvine



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