App Framework

Enables apps to run in automotive domain as optimized fast performance, highly secured and offered extensible services API for OEM and Tier1
Obigo AF

HTML5 Application Framework

Automotive Grade
Browser Engine


Highly optimized browser for Automotive head units

App Management
Service (AMS)


AMS provides app management, updatability and multi windows control

App Extension
Service (AES)


AES provide to ability access control Device API and vehicle API function

New OS

Obigo AF

HMI Mode

Automotive Browser

Browser Service

  • Web Surfing
  • Email
  • RSS

Strong HTML5 Support

  • W3C Web Standard Compliance
  • HTML5 Support

Device API

  • Easy for using web based APIs such as Multimedia, PIM, Telephony,
    Device, Messaging, UI, File system, Galley, Geo-location and Camera

UX Features

  • Zoom, Panning, Login Manager and so on

App Store

  • Enable Additional App Store Service

Obigo App Framework Overview

Obigo AF offers a powerful and flexible framework for building in-vehicle GUI and apps.
For more information, please read the Overview.

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