Cloud App Center

Enables Complete App Life Cycle Cloud Management via Update Agent with “ready to deploy” strategy and Analyze Usage pattern as big data cornerstone

App Management Server

App Package Management

  • For Different Regional (Country), OEM, Car Model, HU Model
  • App Life Cycle Management – Install, Update, Delete App
  • Version Control for Each Apps – Delta file generation
  • Necessary / Optional Update
  • Blacklist Management – Block/Unblock Apps

Vehicle Authentication Management

  • Vehicle ID Management
  • Token encryption

Deploy Management

  • Distributed Deployment
  • Deploy only to test vehicles (before launch)

Statistics for App usage

Big data Analytics

  • Automotive App usage pattern analysis
  • Suggest new App service by App category, Region and Car models
  • Segmented marketing program based for Active user

Obigo Cloud

How many?

App Download

How many App? How long? Which App?

App Launch

Popular App in Rush hour, weekend
Popular App per cities, states

Active User

Compare to average User

DM Client

DM: Download Management

  • Authentication Control by Vehicle ID/UUIC
  • Download Control:
    Resume download from where it left-off (from last power off)

Update Agent

A complete and seamless way to add, delete, and update apps

  • Reduce data traffic by only downloading delta between versions
  • Notify newly available apps & install with user confirmation
  • OEM can easily delete apps that are no longer in-service
  • Blacklist management: Temporarily block any mal-functioning apps(with user-friendly message)

Content Sourcing

App Package Management

Identify content providers preferred by OEM for target region
Start communication dialogue
Introduce business model and OEM requirements


Negotiate Terms & Conditions
Contract Review


HMI Guide negotiation
API support
Development Follow-up


SOP Follow-up
HMI, UI Flow, API modification
Additional requirements handling


Post SOP
Content API, Service monitoring
Traffic monitoring
Contents fee calculation